How to Pretend You are Better Online Poker Player

poker tableWhen you are playing poker online, you are going to have hundreds of players watching your every move, looking to see if you are weak and worth pushing around. If you want to throw off the dogs and give the impression that you are a really strong situs poker online player, consider the following suggestions.

Start by tightening up your game. This means you have to stop yapping on the chat feature at the table. The best players are not wasting time chatting, they are focused on being able to spot other players tells or calculate pot odds rather than whining and complaining.

Never flash your hole cards for any circumstance. This is not only a sign you are a weaker player, it shows others you have little self-control, and they may just start to target you and go after your chips more because they think you are weak.

Mix up your play to throw off the other players. Some hands you check, some you raise, and some you call. The next round, those same hands, you do the opposite. If you do this enough, you will confuse the rest f the table so they focus elsewhere.

When you have the button, don’t be afraid to go after the blinds. The weaker players have no problem letting go of the blinds, so punish them often and start piling up those blinds in your pile. One thing is for sure, the rest of the table is going start to respect your raises and give it up easily.

Now you see what it will take to be able to dominate at the online poker tables. Take one at a time and you are going to start to see that not only do you get respect, you will start getting the weaker players chips too.